2021, 2022

Principal Contractor






Perfect Concrete Care completed cutting concrete into pieces at height at a prestigious school in Bellevue Hill.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Core drilling in beams that were sandwiched between existing buildings using core holes to cut the slab into manageable lengths instead of a saw;

Cutting of beams to be removed;

Craning out a cut beam and disposal of it in a Perfect skip destined for recycling;

Jackhammering and removal of three courses of double brick;

Slab removal at height;

Stitch-coring to prevent cutting into the retained slab;

Trimming/Cutting the edge of the slab dead square using Tyrolit’s WSE1217;

Cutting a wedge-shaped piece of the slab from the eastern side edge of the top floor;

Removal of structural members;

Craning out and cleaning up the waste from demolition.

Perfect Concrete Care has completed a multitude of technically challenging cores and relief cuts to existing buildings in Bellevue Hill.

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