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Perfect Concrete Care was engaged for the refurbishment of the flooring and walls in a factory in Ingleburn.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Completion of 2 passes over the slab with 20/25 low grit coarse diamond shoes (cut into the concrete slab) to remove all existing paint and membranes on the slab and prepare the slab for sealing;

Removal of 500 bolts from the slab;

Infilling holes with specific grout to cover them up;

Cleaning off existing rust, dust, and any excess paint on the slab with large scrubbers;

Sealing up the slab with penetrating sealer applying 2 even coats over the entire 1400m2.

The equipment Perfect Concrete Care used to carry out these works was the HTC 650 HDX 3 phase variable speed 18 feet floor grinder and a small tyrolit 270-floor grinder for detailing and edging work.

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