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Perfect Contracting completed hazmat removal work at major Royal Australian Navy base, Garden Island.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Removal of 35t of friable asbestos slab in an old second storey shower block in confined space conditions, hand demolition only;

Removal of 300m2 of lead dust from inside a disused warehouse. Also, 300 bay lights were laden with the toxic dust which needed removal as well;

Removal of 100 lineal metres of lead paint on handrails throughout the same warehouse;

Minor demolition works.

Asbestos Removal Control Plan consisted of:

Jackhammering the friable concrete floor into manageable chunks;</p

Handloading chunks into extra tough friable asbestos waste bags, Sealing and double bagging them for extra security;

Carrying chunks up onto the new timber platform;

Washing the bags in the materials shower to capture any friable particles outside the bag;

Handing the bags to another worker in a scissor lift outside the shower block, who would then take them down to a ground level where the skip was;

Gently loading a lined Perfect skip to ensure the bags didn’t break.

Stringent security measures were in place at the base, including daily monitoring by ADF personnel, COVID-19 biosecurity measures, and restrictions on photography and mobile devices.

The tactical gear included a 17m knuckle boom, a medium scissor lift, Perfect’s brand new decontamination unit, skips and hook trucks, and various Hilti demo tools such as the 3000’s.

Thirty days in a HAZMAT suit is tough work, especially in March. But Perfect team did it the way they always do: with the most modern gear, the best training & leadership and a solution-oriented approach. At handover St. Hillier’s and the RAN were more than happy with our workmanship.

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