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Perfect Contracting completed asbestos removal at RAAF Base Richmond.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Removal of thirty-four separate friable asbestos gaskets, in line with ADF health directives;

Draining, removal and decontaminating all plumbing, valving, piping, hatches and covers in readiness for reinstallation in Operation Bolt Up;

Removal and relocated section of pipe to the Green Zone where it was wet down, hand cleaned and tested for a later return to service;

Destruction of all fasteners;

Bagging, tagging and sending every piece of asbestos to Eastern Creek, where was destroyed in line with EPA directives.

The friable asbestos removal process that needs total encapsulation was really complicated because of keeping there a C130 aloft means burning Jet A-1, a potent, capricious and high-vapour fuel that doesn’t react well to encapsulation lest it ignites. The hydration process was used for this purpose applied.

No electronic devices would be allowed on site, and no power tools could be used was quite a challenge for us and was like going back in time. The actual process was not complicated but the safety hurdles were difficult.

We used a Perfect Decon unit and one diesel telehandler in works on RAAF Base Richmond.

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