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Perfect Contracting completed the demolition and removal of the station building, LPG tanks and contaminated soil at 435 Church Street, Parramatta, which was part of the Parramatta Light Rail Project.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Secure the work area by setting up all signage and fencing around the job site;

Disconnecting all electrical and water services;

Purging with nitrogen using a generator all existing LPG tanks;

For the existing Petrol and Diesel Tanks (4 in total), all pipelines were purged/drained back to the tank, using nitrogen purging / water as required;

Removal and disposal of all liquid from the UST’s tank at an appropriately licensed waste facility;

Purging, removal and disposal of underground petroleum storage tanks using Air, Water and Inert gas;

Purging saw cutting was made around the top of the slabs above the tank;

Removal of concrete slabs and overlying fill sands with 24T & 30T excavator;

Loading tanks to trucks using cranes and sending them to designated scrap metal facility;

Excavation and stockpiling backfill sands.

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