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Perfect Contracting completed the full building demolition of 2 estates 28 Railway Pd & 149 Hawkesbury Rd Westmead, which were part of the Parramatta Light Rail Project.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Secure the work area by ensuring safety signage and temporary fencing and scaffolding was set up around the job site;

Disconnection, sign off and certificate issued for all services;

Removal and disposal of all redundant material;

Removal of all hazardous waste within the building;

Removal and disposal safely of all non/friable asbestos and lead paint;

Full building strip out;

Removal of non-recycled rubbish left by using demolition Labourers and hand tools, electrical tools;

Demolish of the buildings using the 30T excavator;

Removal of the existing brick shed using a 30T excavator with grabs and bucket attachment;

Removal of the existing brick structures starting from the roof all the way to ground level;

Removal all rubble by hammering and pulverising;

Loading out all material using boogies and recycling at the correct facility.

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