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Perfect Contracting completed a full schedule of HAZMAT removal, demolition and civil works from mid- to late-2020 for TfNSW Project.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Lead dust removal in heritage-listed platform building;

Platform building bathroom strip out with hand excavation 600mm below existing level;

Cutting new door openings, and installing lintels;

Heritage sandstone stair removal, Terminus Street;

Cutting opening for lift access area in heritage-listed perimeter wall up to 800mm thick, Terminus Street;

Cutting six pockets into the same wall for a new precast ramp and stairs;

Platform service pit excavation including ACM removal;

Demo existing footpath, bulk out, trench and backfill for new access ramp, Trafalgar Street;

Perfect Contracting had spent hundreds of man hours on hard and heavy demolition and civil works. From our engineering team, down through our Sup’s, to our machine operators and labourers. We’d worked together and helped future proof another Transport for NSW project.

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