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Perfect Contracting completed the platform stair removal at Punchbowl Station as part of the Sydney Metro upgrades.

The project involved the use of a 400-tonne mobile crane and required careful planning and execution to ensure the safety of all personnel and the smooth running of the station during the works.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Coring the steps, creating holes in the concrete, allowing the stairs to be rigged to the crane;

Rigging the steps;

Hammering the structural concrete surrounding the stairs to weaken the concrete and prepare it for removal;

Oxy cutting all the structural steel that was holding the stairs in place;

Removal of the entire stair section in one piece;

Lifting and transporting away stair section from the site;

Overseeing the entire operation, ensuring the crane was positioned correctly and all safety procedures were followed.

The platform stair removal at Punchbowl Station was completed on time and within budget, and our client Haslin was extremely pleased with the results. The Perfect Contracting team received positive feedback from the client for their attention to detail, focus on safety, and commitment to delivering a quality outcomes.

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