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Neo-Way Pty Ltd





Perfect Strip Out & Demolition completed perform a strip out and upgrade amenities at Condell Park High School.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Demolition of toilet partitions, doors, fixtures and fittings;

Removal of windows and attached metal mesh complete;

Disassemble floor tiles and coving;

Demolition of single and double skin brick walls, including doors, frames, mirrors, fixtures and fittings;

Removal of ceilings complete including the framing system;

Creating openings in single and double skin brickwork for new single doors;

Demolition of concrete plinth;

Disposal of waste off site.

The work was completed on time, safely and efficiently. Overall, demolished and exposed more than 200m2 of plasterboard ceiling, 350m2 of ceramic floor tiles, 300m2 of single skin brick walls and around 200m2 of double skin brick walls.

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