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Perfect Contracting completed demolition works at Greenwich in North Sydney, 3km from North Sydney CBD.

The scope of work for this project involved:

Demolition of the existing four-story building;

Retention works for the two existing basements;

Underpinning works for the third new basement;

Utilising an externally engineered scaffolding system;

Using around 75 tonnes of structural steel to retain the structure; design, manufacturing and installation of the structural beams and braces;

Drilling the 3 piles progressively until the required depth was reached;

Pouring concrete to piles from 20m away using a line pump and finishing 0.5 m on top of level 3;

Carrying out shoring works with the two existing basement slabs in place;

Anchoring works are achieved by coring drilling and concrete cutting through the existing slabs along the projection of all the anchors;

Excavation works using our fleet of 35-tonne & 24-tonne Volvo excavators and specialised telescopic 70-tonne long-reach excavators (loads of approximately 1000 tonnes).

The demolition and shoring works were highly technical and involved numerous complexities, primarily focused on preserving the existing structures while ensuring continued access to the shared driveway adjacent to the site.

The demolition process utilized a top-down methodology that utilised demolition robots and small excavators. This approach also involved the use of an externally engineered scaffolding system that encased the building, providing protection during the demolition.

Undertaking projects like this can be challenging, even under the best of circumstances. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including four months of rain, our demolition and civil crews persevered. This is what we do – we create a legacy that defines generations.

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